Where Did Elvis Stay During His Filming of “Stay Away,…

Where Did Elvis Stay During His Filming of “Stay Away, Joe”?? Elvis rented a house up on Back O’ Beyond in the Sedona area during the filming. The house he rented had large exposed window panels from ceiling to floor on the back side, including a large open shower that overlooked Oak Creek. In fear of being seen naked to any peeking toms, Elvis had Colonel Parker go to a local business to have custom shower curtains made. Later when the business owner went to install the curtains he was asked to stay for a good southern home cooked luncheon prepared by a cook who traveled with Elvis. Elvis loved filming in the small town community of Cottonwood.
The “Stay Away, Joe” movie director Peter Tewksbury, stated that this filming location was one of Elvis’s favorite and most fun. Elvis walked around the neighborhood back streets in Old Town Cottonwood autographing for fans right in front of their homes.
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