The gifts Elvis gave were generally given out of genuine and…

The gifts Elvis gave were generally given out of genuine and pure love, admiration, and affinity, but some served as a reward for loyalty, some re-inforced the power balance in a relationship, and sometimes Elvis would give gifts as a way of saying “I’m sorry”.

Below are a few examples of Elvis “ The giver ”

Because of his love of gift-giving, as would be expected, his favorite holiday was Christmas. Christmas 1957 was Elvis’ first at his new home Graceland. He gave six of his employees a $1,000 bill as a Christmas bonus. (He handed out $100 bills to his younger cousins.) Elvis gave the newsboy who brought him the paper $100 and told him to keep the change.

For Christmas 1967, he gave Colonel Tom a $595 gold Accutron watch. (Over the years, he also gave Parker a bubble car, a boat, and an airplane (!!!) -Parker had to graciously decline the plane because of the cost of upkeep.)

In January of 1969, Elvis gave one his most special and unique gifts. He was so pleased to be working at American Studios at the same time as Roy Hamilton, one of his musical heroes, that he gave him a song, “Angelica,” that he had intended to record himself.

Elvis went on a major shopping spree during the Christmas holidays of 1970. After buying a small arsenal of guns for himself and his friends, he bought a house for Joe Esposito. Then he purchased three Mercedes cars, one for himself, one for Jerry Schilling, and one for his girlfriend Barbara Leigh. (At this time he gave all his girlfriends guns to make sure they were safe.)

Elvis presented Priscilla’s brother with a brand new Mustang when he came to visit in the late sixties.

For a spell in the seventies, Elvis travelled with his own personal jeweler, Lowell Hayes, so that he could have a ready supply for when he felt the urge to give a gift.

The first Christmas Elvis spent with girlfriend Linda Thompson, he gave her a mink coat plus a fox suede coat. Two assistants suggest that over their four-year relationship, Elvis bought her more than A quarter-million dollars worth of jewelry.

They also estimate that Elvis gave drummer J.D. Sumner around $100,000 worth of jewelry as gifts.

He pushed a car on his karate instructor, Ed Parker, despite his protests that he already had three. Then he bought Parker’s wife a $12,000 mink coat.

Within weeks of meeting his new girlfriend, Ginger Alden, in 1976, Elvis had already given her a Lincoln Continental, a Triumph tr6, as many as five fur coats, and extended his generosity to her family (fur coats and jewelry, as well as money for improvements to their home).
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